Bits and Bytes: RIP MJ


Michael Jackson photo via Jezebel. 

To so many people Michael Jackson was an icon of pop culture. To those of us who came of age in the 80’s, Michael was a part of our lives. It was as simple as that. For all the turmoil of his later years, he will always be remembered for his musical genius and his fashion forwardness.


In other sad news, American actress Farrah Fawcett succumbs to cancer.  James from Women Management has a touching tribute to the beautiful girl from Texas, celebrated in the Vogue cover below.

Speaking of class acts, it would be good for today’s aspiring models and actors to learn some lessons from Johnny Depp.

Activist and model Summer Rayne has a shoe line!

Heidi Klum as Barbie. Looks the same we think!

How strange, male models looking… not so serious. Who is it? Ryan Taylor, the king of the runway several years ago is back and available and smiling for Iceberg.

The September Issue is previewed and it looks to be totally dishy. It can’t get here fast enough for us.

Want the whole scoop of the turmoil at Interview Magazine? WWD has it all, from clashing egos to shoots that ran $100,000 over budget.


Farrah Fawcett by Patrick Demarchelier, hair by Way Bandy and makeup by Garren.

  1. R.I.P micheal and farrah we just lose two amazing pop culture icons and very very amazing people

    micheal will always be very close to my heart and he has had a huge impact on my life and i was born in the 90s way ever his prime

  2. I am just devasted… about a double-whamy. A part of me refuses to believe that he is gone. I’m still hoping it’s thee most elaborate hoax yet. Things won’t be the same.

    True talent is fading and people are settling for half ass tricks in music, the fashion/modeling world and abroad and it’s so unfortunate.

    May Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett rest is peace. They will be incredibly missed, the lack of their physical presence is just beyond words..

  3. Is it just me or are many people very Hypocritical. Because the same people who ridiculed MJ while he was alive are the same people that are saying how much they loved him and greatly appreciated him. Michael was a great person but people were too busy focusing on his negatives. RIP Michael..You will be missed.

  4. Rest in peace to two legends close to many people’s hearts. I agree Jill, some people are hypocritical, and now is when the closet MJ fans surface.

    I thank him for everything he shared with us, not only musically, but spiritually, his outlook on life and love. I hope people finally realize what he was and is all about and that they can learn from him and his music. RIP, my inspiration, Michael Jackson.

  5. i was so happy when i found out back in TFS that ryan was back hess so cute ^^

    RIP MJ you wil alwyas be the king of POP

  6. Therefore, the world’s people will never forget him, he is a beautiful miracle! We mourn for him now!

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