The Girlie Show

Mikael Jansson takes Querelle Jansen and Marte Mei van Haaster into fresh territory with a spectacular story for Interview. Focusing on pieces with feminine details like lace and crocheting, Karl Templer styles the duo in colorful looks from Marc Jacobs and Valentino and with lingerie accents from Araks. With their skilled posing Querelle and Marte Mei really bring each ensemble to life. Take a closer look and you’ll also spot an exciting preview of the Prada jewelry collection – who can resist that gorgeous rosette necklace on Querelle! It is the contrast between the girly clothing and jewelry and the hard edged backdrop designed by Mary Howard that really makes this story shine.

  1. These image are amazing, Querelle Jansen and Marte Mei van Haaster work amazing together you can see there working together. This is amazing. Prada looks amazing photographed I cant wait to see it’s campaign I hope it’s Querelle Jansen and Marte Mei van Haaster and Meghan Coilson it would be amazing to see them in a ad… dreaming.

  2. @ Marty,
    Yeah Marte and Querelle in Prada would be sensational, minus Meghan but with Guinevere, Ymre and Elise perhaps? That would be the casting of the season

  3. @anlabe
    So many people dislike Meghan,I personally enjoy her look…if Steven is shooting Prada then Meghan would be great..Ymre is gorgeous I liked her in Prada just a little boring. Elise YES! she needs to make a comeback. But I hear that Katryn Kruger is gonna be in Prada

  4. The powers that be need to admit they missed the boat with Querelle the first time around and give this fierce creature the exposure she deserves!

  5. Querelle is a goddess and Marte also stunning…truly amazing images here of two amazing models, with great photography-expertly composed, framed, and lit, and killer clothes- wow…and those boots and shoes, how hot!

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