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Karlie Kloss bares all for Steven Meisel‘s camera in the latest Vogue Italia . The studio shoot simply named ‘Body by Kloss’ focuses on Karlie’s lithe physique and gamine presence. Can you believe it was only a few short years ago Miss Kloss came on the scene as a fresh faced newbie? Now she’s showing the world the graceful woman she’s become.

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  1. WOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! The Editorial is much more than the cover. A little surprising to see a nude Karlie? I guess if I didnt know her as a model (age, background) I would just think that i saw the most beautiful woman in the world. But since i know its Karlie, Congrats.

  2. Karlie’s body>>>>
    I hate to say this but….Her body is almost better then Giselle. She looks amazing in this editorial

  3. at first glance…amazing! closer look,the image manipulation is something! whose lips are those? as they certainly are not Karlie’s.

  4. Without a doubt the “coming of age ” story of the decade – Karlie owns her womanhood and Meisel captures it perfectly – Collaboration +

  5. I agree with all commentaries…But not so long ago she was still accompanied by her- Uncle Jim,Mama,Teacher and rest of the Iam Minor entourage…Once the industry knows you for your childlike attitude go with that because its your trademark…This NSFW is way to fast in her carrier. I remember when Gemma Ward did it it was done in different level of style more suitable to her persona… Karlie is 19 in her body…But in her mind my opinion she is still a kid.Once everybody recognize and loves you for that childlike attitude why go so fast on the road of NSFW???People will say oh its Meisel you know… But i disagree…She worked better with her lips in her earlier editorials… Lately this Nefertiti posing i dont get from her…

  6. Wowza!!!

    With a spread like this (is that a pun?) I think she should definitely be moving wayy up the Top 50 board.

    Her body is thin, but you still can’t help but admire her sleekness because of her muscle tone.
    I know we all love the “innocent” Karlie that we watched in her beginnings, but I guess she can’t stay that young forever.

  7. People are comparing her to Gisele an dthis editorial has a lot images from editorials Gisele did in the late’s 90 and early 00’s, some images and poses are pretty much the same.

  8. Only 19. Has been a fashion favorite at a very young age. Just walked the VSFS all while doing VI cover shoots by Meisel. Yep haven’t seen it since Gisele. Can’t wait to see Karlie’s career rise! should be fun to watch. Oh and Anna Wintour also loved Gisele at this age and gave her 3 consecutive American Vogue covers. Karlie needs an American Vogue cover to really get it going.

  9. there is no comparaison to be made with gisele! Gisele is way beyond anyone else. But i have to admit she’s amazing.

  10. Yikes! Those bones! In the first pic above, it looks like her body isn’t real, and I don’t mean it as a compliment!

    The hip bones going one way, her leg another, the contrast with the teeny jacket… a little too much for me.

  11. @ Stace

    How do you suppose one “moves wayyy up in the top 50 board” when they are already at number 3…

  12. I think she SHOULD BE #1 by March. Lara has had the top spot for almost 2 years, and she really has become SO BIG. (pretty ‘iconic’ these days; that Lara Stone) But if Karlie is confirmed again for Dior, Donna Karan, ODLR, along with the rumoured Jean Paul Gaultier PLUS her superb editorial streak she will be there in no time. I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!

  13. I strongly dislike some of the shots due to nudity and have never appreciated Karlies’ insta-fame. However, these shots are reminiscent of a time when the girls made famous showed they Worked for their bodies.

  14. I was hinting that she needs to be in the #1 spot, much to the chagrin of Lara fans.
    Maybe Lara can go the the icons board?

  15. I have mixed feelings. I feel like the photos are strong and uncomfortable in same time. And I agree with Martin about the lips affair .

  16. NUMBER 1 and not even a close second. She is the answer to a modern day supermodel. No one has the cross over and fashion staying power that she has aside from Gisele.

  17. I would like the pictures a LOT more if I weren’t wincing when I looked at them. She’s a little Too skinny…it makes me glad for the fuller models, this makes me feel like women have no power whatsoever. … But she does know how to model and Meisel does know how to take a stunning photograph.

  18. She obviously had something done to her lips, but seriously?! I never got why everyone still finds Gisele so amazing. She was THE Top girl a few years ago, but she didn’t get any great jobs the past few years, in my opinion. And Karlie is the most amazing model right now! Plus: Gisele had her nose corrected, had things done at her cheeks, boobs, lips and so on. So what?! She looks devine and so does Karlie. I just don’t like that she got so skinny over the past months. And I find it kind of confusing and awkward to see my little sweetheart nude.

  19. Meisel is a master and the video is great however the still image with the twisted hips here works only if the intention is to be freaky. Karlie is undoubtedly amazing with an other worldly body, however the mainstream is not ready for super skinny with a jutting six pack. But then again, the mainstream wasn’t ready for Madonna or Lady Ga Ga either – but then they ate it up – shock often times sells. As for Gisele, any one that disparages her has no life. Gisele is the top of the top.

  20. Well we all knew it was a matter of time. I am surprised it took this long. That said as much I like Karlie, this would have worked better with a “fuller” model IMHO.

    I wish her well either way.

  21. I wish she could get #1 – now that she’s transitioning from sweet, fresh face to full-fledged woman, she might have a chance. GO GET IT KLOSS

  22. She’s got a weird body. The tone is just odd. It’s almost freaky muscular, but not exactly. It’s not even that it’s too skinny. It just looks unreal.

  23. Yo no se porque gente piensan que Karlie muy flaco. Adivino, pero ella tiene mucha tono muscular asi ella todavia muy elegente y hermosa.
    Espero ella encabeza los listas proxima ano 🙂

    Steven Meisel is fantastic, I wish I had that much talent with a camera. This is such a compelling photo.

  24. She’s stunning! I’m in love with Karlie! She is healthy, she dances ballet and that’s why her body is just like that. No Photoshop, take a look at the backstage: Please people, let the envy go out of your lives! 🙂 ♥

  25. a number of commenters have mentioned the precise reason im not that into this edit. i like the 60s verushka feel, but karlie’s body is just too weird. its like putting an olympian’s musculature on freja’s body. and the gushes from her fans about said body makes me sad and a bit disgusted to be honest. its clear she has been hitting the gym hard to avoid going the way of gemma (who, might i add,no one got faux scandalized when she went the way of the sexy) but i thought/ hoped with lara’s success things would change. i guess the joke was on me. karlie is destined for greatness though. she works hard and has the advantage of being one of the few americans at the top. i’m not a fan but you have to recognize game when you see it. all the best karlie.

  26. to the people complaining about her lips – there’s this thing models do called pouting. It makes your lips look bigger!! You can even see her doing it in the video.

  27. Any other model that is skinny and overexercises will get this ripped body, some bodybuilding diet tips, restrict a lot and exercise so you can lower you body percentage to the lowest possible. Don’t forget to manipulate your water intake for a couple of days before the photos so it will enhace the definition and give the ripped muscles effect. I love thin models and don’t mind seeing Kate Moss, Freja Beha or Lara Stone naked, but this just way too much, it is very disturbing. Vogue shouldn’t get such freakish photoshoots when they know perfectly well that millions of young girls everywhere will put down their school books, stop enjoying the little things in life, quit eating and hit the bathroom (to throw up) and then the gym, get isolated and focus on a goal weight to be the “goddess warrior whatever” like Kloss. Guys, the world is a BAD place, there are A LOT of things, OTHER THAN our bodies that need to be worked on and perfected. Don’t be naive to think that vulnerable teens will take note that this beautiful young lady is 6’tall and naturally skinny. This is triggering thinspiration material, it is a very powerful message! this absolutely nothing like Elle Macpherson “The Body” so it is revolting the comparison.

  28. Something is seriously wrong with the world today if you think she has an “amazing body”. There’s hardly any body there for it to be amazing. Beauty is something that is always natural and this strays very far from that. It would be amazing to see models with all different shapes and sizes coexisting within the same market, but unfortunately, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

    – A Skinny Male Model

  29. Her body is out of this world! O.o
    Good for her though,some shots just didn’t belong in this editorial.I’m not a fan of nudity,not even breasts.But this is definitively a career mover.

  30. I’ll admit I never quite understood Kloss’s appeal until this spread, the weight loss makes her face look beautiful! Her body is a little too pronouced for my tastes but I also think that’s the lighting.

  31. the best model ever ! the body to die for ! Go girl you are something special! she has that natural muscle tone every body wants ! she reminds me the beautiful race horse !

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