Love Actually

How many fashion editorials do we see where there is zero to minimal chemistry between the 2 main characters? Details Magazine‘s December issue features longtime couple Ryan Burns and Aline Nakashima, cast by Edward Kim, in an unsurprisingly intimate shoot by John Balsom, wearing the latest relaxed fashion by Tommy Hilfiger, Marc by Marc Jacobs, J Crew, Burberry and more. If only we saw more of such beautiful twosomes in all the fashion mags. Who are some of your other favorite model pairings?

  1. OMG ITS ALINE! I’ve been a fan of her since way back in the early 00’s when she was in trace magazine. I believe she was the first model of asian desent to walk for victoria’s secret(she is a brazilian of japanese heritage). I was super dissapointed they didn’t make her an angel. Oh well, bygones. Ryan kinda looks like Sawyer from lost. They sure do make a cozy couple though.

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