1. So happpppy for karlie her first vogue italia by herself and on the same month that she got a vogue germany cover. plus she looks really good in both!!

  2. kinda like it.. but does anyone know whats the matter with the vogue paris december issue this year?? is there one anyway? can’t remember last time a vogue italia cover was out earlier than the paris one, italy is usually the last in the bunch.

  3. We are watching the new GISELE no doubt about it. im more of a Freja fan but karlie is a goddess and she is becoming an incredible woman that is gonna conquer the world, step by step! she’ll be number 1 soon.

  4. @ KC, maybe it’s because Vogue Paris covers both December and January so maybe they decided to delay it a bit. Numero isn’t out yet either.

  5. she is incredible. shes making waves in the land of celebrity as well and becoming more accessible to the public – she is really making a name for herself and she is clearly loved in the fashion industry and her supporters very loyal to her. she is a goddess and will be blessed with longevity.

  6. Yep, she’s going to have as meteoric a career as Gisele.
    I think she’ll also be taking over Victoria’s Secret.

  7. Look at that bootay!!!! Karlie kills it, hands-down, bar-none. She is looking extra sexy recently, which I never would have thought she could be this SEXY AND HIFASHION. Right now I think only a handful of girls working(less than 5) can touch Miss Kloss. She gets alot of OG stuff too!! Go ‘head on Miss Kloss…..wit yo bad self!!! 😉

  8. i love her, but this sexy transition is going sooo fast in her carrier…come on ppl followed by her teacher mother uncle…she is child in her mind…and lately i dont get this posing with her lips…

  9. She’s definitely amazing but I think that to say she’ll take over Victoria’s secret is to a get a little carried away. Let’s not forget that even though she has a killer body and walk, her body type isn’t representative of Victoria’s Secret beauty. She lacks curves and I personally don’t think she looked that well in the show

  10. ^^ i agree with ada. she doesn’t have the personality to head victorias secret..her way of speaking is incredably annoying. i think she is trying too hard to be “grown up” and “sexy” these past couple of months and i’m dreading the nude spreads that are sure to follow in the near future.

    she looks amazing and I’m so happy to see her on V.Italia again, I thought it was Edita I WAS GOING TO BE SO HAPPY.

    But this is just as gorgeous she’s beautiful.
    Karlie Kloss’s body>>>>> sexy


  13. @ Ada

    Well, Gisele wasn’t exactly curvy herself. It was the way she struck a pose that made her look curvier than she really was.
    And she said that herself too.

    Karlie and Gisele are about the same: very tall, lithe…up and down.
    We’ll all just have to watch and see how Karlie’s career progresses.

  14. i defo think it was a mistake to cast her at the VS fashion show, but she is sexy as ever on that cover. To tall and skinny for lingerie thought, but really hot on that cover.

  15. only the time (a long time of course) could say if Kalie will be the next Gisele…Now is very difficult for a model, because their career progresses fast but falls down very fast too…….luck for her!!!

  16. I agree I haven’t seen a model (at such a young age) be this hyped up and accepted in both High fashion and VS since Gisele at such a young age. Gisele too was around 18/19 when she was a fashion superstar and VS took notice. Although at 19 Gisele already had solo US American Vogue covers under her belt,and won Vh1 model of the year award. (which was a big thing back then). BUT Karlie is workin it!

    and Karlie has a bod like Gisele, really? REALLY? since when does KK’s bod look this bodacious? http://img157.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc384&image=76313_celebrity_city_Victoria_Secrets_Models_Show_317_123_384lo.jpg

  17. she does have a lot of similarities as Gisele career wise. she’s able to dominate the opening and closing slots at the couture shows all the way down to commercial advertising.

    but at 6’0″+++–she is quite lanky for VS. she can pose to make herself look curvier but i’m sorry, that’s not an ass/booty/bum/backside..maybe for fashion it is.

    she does a good smize and her facial features never really read “sexy” to me–lack of pout etc but she’s doing a good job working with what she has!

  18. Karlie Kloss is the best damn walker at last night VS Fashion Show…… her walk is sooo sexy, she’s basically like Gliding in Air!!!!

    I am impressed by her!!!!

  19. To all of you debating about her curves, or lack of……

    Karlie Kloss is a Great model…..she knows how to give an illusion, just like Gisele!

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