A Lofty Perch

It takes an experienced beauty to maintain her composure while posing on the edge of a rock formation, but Carmen Kass manages to make even the most precarious poses look easy. In Cedric Buchet striking Vogue Japan story Kass is aloofly cool in designs from Loewe and Giorgio Armani chosen by stylist Sophia Neophitou. Playing with oversized proportions and dramatic shapes, Neophitou makes even the most sacklike outfits come alive with a little help from Carmen.

  1. Vogue Nippon is very cutting edge i love this magazine I wish they sold it there I live.
    Carmen Kass> Amazing

  2. Love the pic where she is jumping from one rock to the other. Hopefully she got it in one shot because I would hate to do that picture more than once. Break an ankle in those heels on that terrain. 🙂 Love Carmen Kass

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