Graffiti Bridge

With all the excitement over the 20 covers, it is easy to forget that there’s plenty of beautiful images inside the Dazed & Confused‘s Anniversary issue. Magazine co-founder Rankin shoots Josephine Skriver in a series of bright looks selected by Katie Shillingford and punctuated with a touch of spray paint. Inspired by his favorite shoot for Dazed, a graffiti themed story from 1998 starring Kate Moss.

An image from the original Dazed story that inspired this edit – Kate Moss by Rankin, for Dazed & Confused, 1998

  1. i really like this shoot – the eyes/makeup, the poses, the clothes. Josephine has some beau unique lips – will be one of her signatures

  2. Josephine has a great quarter profile…Kate is the goddess, and she looks amazing in the last image…even while looking a few pounds heavier than usual in the image, she looks healthy and hot…Kate Rules

  3. Wow I never knew Josephine looked so much like Kate!! I personally find Josephine much more beautiful. Don’t shoot me…..

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