Powerful Soul

The ever so fascinating Lea T shines with a bevy of male models in the latest issue of Candy Magazine by Andreas Larsson. The Givenchy muse sports a both masculine and feminine looks and even tangos with fellow androgynous model Andrej Pejic in Yves Saint Laurent. Riccardo Tisci gushes about her saying that she is a “unique, rare, natural beauty, a combination of purity, hardness, romanticism, and agressiveness: all components of androgyny that are bound to both sexes,” and we couldn’t agree more!

  1. “…even tangos with fellow androbynous model Andrej Pejic”
    I fail to see how Lea is androgynous. She is a gorgeous woman who looks like a gorgeous woman in every shot of this editorial. There is one image in which she is androgynous, but no more so than any other female model would be if styled like that.

  2. Lea is so amazing…I’ll go see her name in others catwals what no only in Givenchy, your job is fascinating…Lea in the Top of the world! I want so much and go see your face and body in the list of 50 greastest name of this site again…

  3. due to the portrayal of cigarette smoking in this spread, this is not only not progressive, it is regressive, regressive to a time when people pretended they did not know or were simply too ignorant of the fact that sucking up carbon monoxide causes live cells to become dead cells, killing ones life… if the creators here had to watch a persons life whither away at half their life span and die clutching an oxygen tank in a wheelchair due to their cigarette addiction, or have their voice box cut out and replaced with a little box they had to push to try communicate, I doubt they would find their cigarette images so ‘cool…’ surely they can think of something else better to suck on and depict. To portray cigarette smoking in fashion as OK to do as this does, is irresponsible and causative of the further suffering and death of human beings on this planet.

  4. I love Lea and i’m glad trans people have a new face in the media(especially trans people of colour) but this editorial reeks of tokenism and isn’t that good to begin with. It would have been better if they went the Russo route and styled her glammed up pricilla queen of the desert style. I’ve never been a fan of Andrej because his beauty is the blandest kind there is on this earth imho he has zero energy and fire in front of the camera. The third person in the group portrait with them sure is pretty though.

  5. I think that some people that say bad things about transgender people got to realize and avaliate theyrselves…because these jealous people maybe are into the wardrobe( they are gays, or trangenders but they simply don’t know it)INNER REFLECTION

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