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Capturing the essence of Charlotte Rampling is not an easy task. The cinema legend’s allure is all about subtlety: she’s sexy but never sleazy, aloof but never cold. Helmut Newton encapsulated all these attributes perfectly in his famous photos 70s of the iconic beauty and now Giampaolo Sgura pays tribute to those images in Antidote Magazine. The baby-faced Anna de Rijk might not be the first name you think of when it comes to seduction, but with her cascading dark hair and piercing blue eyes she pulls off the Rampling look nicely. Added bonus, Géraldine Saglio‘s styling focuses on silk stockings and sky high heels, keeping with Antidote’s shoe fetish theme.

HAIR Seb Bascle MAKEUP Adrien Pinault CASTING Sibylle De Saint Phalle

  1. Anna de Rijk is so underrated, she’s so amazing jezz, the last couple of photo shoots have been amazing. Anna >>>

  2. That’s the second she’s styled as Charlotte Rampling and she kills it again! First time was with I&V for Vogue Paris some time ago. Stunning girl…

  3. ANNA DE RIJK is one of the most expensive and classy faces of all the models…I am glad she shot this great feature…
    pictures and styling IMPECCABLE!luv..luv…luv…..

  4. I don’t get it. What does Charlotte Rampling have to do with the original photo by Helmut Newton? The model in the original is Gunilla Bergström, not Rampling.

    Not to mention these types of rip offs are stupid. I would feel like an idiot if I was the photographer…

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