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i-D Magazine‘s final two covers of their winter warm up issue feature the stunning Joan Smalls and incredible new face Benjamin Eidem. The winking shots by Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Willy Vanderperre are as cool as you’d expect from i-D and when we showed Joan & Benjamin the covers backstage today (at Victoria’s Secret & Calvin Klein respectively) they were absolutely thrilled with the end result. More on both developments later – but for now check out i-D Online for even more from the Winter Warm up Issue.

Joan Smalls by Benjamin Alexander Huseby

Benjamin Eidem by Willy Vanderperre

  1. Ben Eidem is a star!! Love is all I can say. Good for Joan getting another iD, but I’m still waiting on Vogue:) Good for her at the VS show. What is Calvin Klein got goin on this week though?

  2. ^ Nik today was the Calvin Klein presentation for S/S, we’ll be doing a post on it soon so look out for it. Ben is there looking great!

  3. Ewwww, Joan’s is awful! She can’t do anything about it though, just the hair and styling.
    Benjamin’s cover is the best! Love it.

  4. It’s great Joan’s on the cover ‘n all but it leaves me wanting more…

    seriously… it’s JOAN FREAKIN’ SMALLS for crissakes!! use her to her full potential and you have a cover that can hit it outta the park!

  5. I love Joan but the styling for this cover is awful. i -D needs Edward Enniful!!! Joan was the most stunning at last nights Victoria Secret show. Her body and legs were not just there (like most girls) but her body made you notice her!

  6. I’m not in love with that Joan cover, but she still brings it. Love her!

    So obsessed with Benjamin Eidem! I need to have him in front of my camera.

  7. @Lily- I respect your opinion, but to say that Joan cannot compete with Jourdan is just plain wrong. In fact, Jourdan is the one having a hard time getting even close to Joan’s level, and quite a few of the names you mentioned haven’t been as successful as Joan has. I personally think that Joan has a very distinct look, and no one really looks like her. Jourdan on the other hand, is the one who is very plain, imo. She reminds me of Vlada- good runway filler, but not much else. I think Joan is going to be a supermodel, while someone like Jourdan is just lucky to have lasted this long. Just what I think. 🙂

  8. josh is right, Joan Is the best she have a very unique style and her walks is awesome, so dont compare joan with anyone else. she’s the best.

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