It takes a special girl to look good from all angles and Karolin Wolter is just that sort of gal. In the striking campaign for Gianfranco Ferre three versions of Ms. Wolter pose in the house’s dramatic fall fashions. Stefano Moro Van Wyk‘s stark black and white campaign shot is refined and effective and Karolin’s unforgettable face makes a lasting impression.

  1. Im not sure whether they used a lot of photoshop in the picture, but she does look perfect! B&W pics are always flawless!

  2. the simplicity of this picture really makes you think, I love the black and white. The beautiful bone structures of the models and the modern clothes look incredible together!

  3. it’s a copy of mark pillai’s story he shot for ten with hector castro and denisa d from elite! very cheap art direction!

  4. hey Lizard ever heard of Giacomelli?! A famaous classic italian photographer , real inspiration for a famous italian brand, definitely not that kitch shoot of Pillai…..

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