Warm Up

Who says winter has to be sedentary and dour? i-D Magazine turns up the heat for a tribute to the season’s fitness fanatics, enlisting Anja Rubik and Hailey Clauson to create energetic poses on two of the six collectible covers. In an aerobics inspired styled by Charlotte Stockdale and shot by David Bailey, Anja sports pastel hair and the mag’s signature wink, while Hailey grins for Matt Jones‘ camera. Find out more about the issue on i-D Online.

  1. Only 2 covers for i-D..better than their usual 6 covers per issue.

    Anja’s cover is strong enough to be the only cover here..so many options from i-D with every issue, weakens the vision

  2. Seems like all the girls from Next are doing so well and with all the best people both Covers are fun and modern

  3. agree with pooky. the anya cover is so strong. the photo of hailey is gorgeous, but is it really cover material…

  4. Actually Pookie, I believe there will be 6 covers as well this go-round. iD usually rolls the issue out 2 covers at a time. I really hope to see so guys in the mix, as I have enjoyed some of them. (Jamie & Lara, Boyd & Anne V.) On another note, Anja is just….IT. I, along with most of fashions ‘big wigs’, will never get tired of her. And Congrats Miss Hailey on your first major mag!!!

  5. Read the text before you comment.

    I can’t stand Anja so I automatically don’t like her cover either, can’t get past her. The shot is nice and if it was another model i would’ve liked it.
    Don’t really like Haileys either looks a bit Richardson-like. Didn’t expect her to get a cover, thought her career was already over.

  6. Well, I have to say this is one of the best things I have seen done by Hailey… and even if I’m generally not a fan of (a little trite, and most of the times unconsciously awkward) winks, imo such a wonderful and successful shot – I like this cover really a lot…

  7. Hailey is a baby & doing well for herself. It’s not just about Anja’s looks..she literally BRINGS IT. She’s the bomb & so is Hailey. Hailey is already doing major things at such a young age you all wish you were these bonafide ladies with such talent.

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