Grown N’ Sexy

Continuing the with the very grown up theme of the day a new slew of campaigns reconnects with the idea of dapper dressing. Eniko Mihalik reprises her role as  face of MaxMara with a luxurious looking campaign image. With her head tossed back, sunglasses on and heaps of attitude Eniko looks chic as can be.

Meanwhile, Lars Burmeister dons a sleek suit and looks every bit the gentleman for Hugo Boss Black, his elegant features and the brand’s look just go together.

Given how great (and sophisticated) Eniko and Lars look wouldn’ it be grand to see them in a campaign together? Hint hint.


  1. The brown doesn’t really do it for me in the MaxMara campaign, but the actual dress on Eniko, the hair, the attitude all work wonderfully. Hugo definitely did not disappoint. They stick to their guns and it works every time.


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