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British Vogue and Tim Walker take Kirsi Pyrhonen to Mongolia for a story that mixes tradition and fantasy. As one of the last Brit Vogue shoots helmed by Kate Phelan, the story takes on special significance and Walker’s dreamy style is always alluring. Sporting outlandish makeup by Petros Petrohilos and undone hair by Duffy, Kirsi looks like a character from a fairytale. The juxtaposition between the finery of the seasons key looks and the beauty of authentic pieces sourced from the location only adds to the unique feel of the story.

  1. This has to be my favorite editorial of the year. Kirsi can do no wrong. I hope Tim Walker and Kirsi continue to work together in the future.

  2. I love the Tim Walker/Kirsi combination! They make a good team.
    I really hope Kirsi snags a decent campaign this season!

  3. Kirsi Pyrhonen beautiful,ideal,as always but the editorial little interesting,nothing original and nothing new.

  4. lovelovelove…it looks on that picture with the boy in the room en profile..that she really was taking on the culture and listing to an elderly person (who is out of sight, 3rd last picture)..LOVE!
    and the guy’s expression on the left where she gets kissed on the cheek..that!
    lov ethis story ..its unique!!

  5. All involved should get an award of recognition for this. As all perceptive others agree here, this is truly stunning, brilliant work that bridges the gap between fashion as commerce and high art in the truest sense. Tim, Kate, Petros and Duffy do a great, great job here, as does Kirsi who is a true beauty. This is truly unique and a bit of an homage perhaps at times to ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’

    Also, it is so easy for nameless names to criticize the greats and true beauties and talents on the net, but lets see the links to those smarmy wanna be critics’ portfolios and see how much better they are… I think we’d be waiting lifetimes for that. Great work here all!

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