The Giabiconi Gambit

Well on his way to becoming a household name, Baptiste Giabiconi has given us many outrageously, over the top moments in the past three years. Here are 10 shining Giabiconi highlights, in high fashion (and not), throughout the years.

Humble Beginnings

We were treated with just a taste of what Baptiste could really do in the March 2009 issue of Vogue Paris

Barbie Girl

Chanel’s collaboration with doll retailer Barbie brought yet another side out of Baptiste. Spring 2009


After that earlier Vogue Paris teaser, Baptiste gave us everything in his editorial for Purple Fashion and left very little to the imagination. Fall 2009

Peel & Reveal

Readers were able to pull back the interactive cover of Wallpaper Magazine to reveal a clothes-less version of the newsstand issue. Fall 2009

Icon in the Making

Embodying some of the icons of the music industry for L’Officiel China, photos by Xian Sun. Spring 2010


Baptiste takes a venture into the music industry with his video debut for his single “Showtime”. Watch him take a bow and be a singing motorcycle hero. (Buy his single “Showtime” here)

Showing that he can pull off just about any look, Baptiste is be-wigged by Thomas Lohr for Dansk. Spring 2011


Baptiste immortalized in chocolate by Karl Lagerfeld. Need we say more? Spring 2011

Danse Avec Les Stars – Tango

Baptiste’s latest venture:  reality television for France’s version of Dancing with the Stars. Spoiler alert: he ends up shirtless and covered in glitter

  1. geez i wonder how much $$ MDC get to try to make this boy toy happen.

    is really sad!

    n how in the world,JON K is not in the Icon list? i mean n we have this “model”
    is ridiculous!

    MDC is not whatit used to be (*_i) SMH

  2. Never understood his appeal. Fashion is faces, not dirty pillows. You say Giabiconi, I say Nessman. You say Gandy, I say O’pry. It’s sad what an unimpressive model can do with the help of Lagerfeld.

  3. Lol I agree with you all, but I can somewhat appreciate Baptiste. He doesn’t seem so versatile because of his consistent work with Lagerfeld (which sometimes seems so redundant), but that IS his ‘standout’; being Lagerfelds Numero Uno. I think Jon K work is way more prolific, and inspiring, as I do with many other men who have been working for many seasons. I will say that Baptiste does have a ‘thing’ that makes him interesting, but I still wouldn’t say Icon-worthy.

  4. He’s like the haute version of jersey shore. I have to admit that while he has little modelling talent(much like most of his male collegues)he has managed to thrust himself into the consciousnes of the general public, something that models, male or female, find hard to accomplish these days. If he keeps Karls favour and develops his brand in pop culture he might become famous.

  5. People are freakin blind seriously he is a very beautiful man no doubt he just doesnt have much fashion sense and dresses like a 15 year old American boy thats all. His appeal is in his feminine elegant face that screeeams high fashion. His appeal is just masked by his poor choice in style.

  6. LOL at Baptiste as Lady Gaga!!
    i don’t get how is he in the Top Icons and not Jon K, Noah Mills, David Gandy or Mathias L.
    if you guys don’t want to remove other people, why don’t you just extend the list?

  7. i love Lulus comment. Good one! I am sorry but MDC stop this campagin.of permoting Baptiste. The real Versatile models are models like Mathias, Sean O pry, Jon k, and many other guys i can list here but they have never got mentioned on MDC. you guys have become very commercial.. Its a shame! And Baptiste is not a great model, his looks are cheap..

  8. @ Nik it means

    Shaking My Head. SMH

    shaking the head from the left to right 🙂

    like saying No,no cant beleive it. or something like that lol

    but yeah 80 % of the post agreed that he is just no Icon Material!

  9. I’ve heard worse music, watched cheesier videos, seen better looking models, but have a look around you, be it in New Jersey or New Delhi, this guy’s appeal is immediate with all the common straight or gay boys who think the good life is about jetting to Miami for a weekend and Ibiza the next in golden belts and D&G shirts, and who couldn’t name a single cause being addressed at ‘Occupy Wall Street’, and couldn’t care less. So yeah, his appeal is spot on and huge, whether I, you or anybody else likes it or not.

  10. The Baptiste hate is getting a tad ridiculous. Let it go children, it’s not that serious.

    “He looks like this, and like that”. Quite frankly, at the end of the day – I’m pretty sure he looks better than most of if not all of you!(to entertain the vanity). Give it a rest.

    He does his thing. He’s not neccessarily the quintessential male model icon of yore but he’s quite a persona, a risk taker and someone who has a real lust for life. Things to be celebrated!! This negativity has got to stop.

    Alot of successful models and many of us in our respective areas owe gratitude to someone in some way, shape or form. Would you like a biscuit now?

    I truly believe that Baptiste would have been alright without Karl had he taken the usual path. Karl simply allowed him to be himself in an unsual light, that’s all. I bet you’d all be lovin’ him right about now him had he went about his career in a more austere manner.

    He’s a good guy, let him live – and I would suggest doing the same.

  11. Nigel, you summed it up perfectly. seriously. The hate that is expressed by many is just plain ridiculous.

  12. Baptiste is still young, let him enjoy what he is doing… it sure seems he’s having fun! Plus, he is the male face of Chanel…hello!!!!

  13. Rather than to negatively critique the model, I suggest that criticism be directed toward the photographer/directors. The model is in their hands for better or worse. I’d like to see Baptiste seen through the lens of a talent that doesn’t just treat him as a pretty boy toy.

  14. “Baptiste immortalized in chocolate by Karl Lagerfeld”

    Sorry, I almost threw up with that filth image. Batiste in chocolate is totaly bad taste.

  15. Sorry, if Baptiste Giabiconi is an icon model, Jesus Luz needs to be an icon also, because they belong in the same level and concept of “model”.

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