Bits and Bytes: Pirelli 2010


Behind the scenes, Eniko Mihalik on a water buffalo

And what everyone’s been waiting for, the 2009 Pirelli Calendar by Terry Richardson. Italian Vanity Fair has the preview with the full cast (casting by Jennifer Starr). Fashionologie via Italian Vanity Fair.


One of our favorite stylists, Nicola Formichetti is featured on the Cut.

We’re all for more inclusiveness (British Vogue’s Alexander Schulman tackles the size 0 problem). Here’s Jezebel’s interesting take on it.

Here’s another interview for the Brazilian fans.. the very lovely Izabel Goulart.

Funny, funny, funny; French Vogue is “anti-pants” so says Jezebel.

There’s a new documentary coming out about Brazilian models. Though sadly it’s in Portugese only, who cares when you can look the gorgeous Gisele Bundchen, Raquel Zimmermann, Isabeli Fontana, Caroline Trentini, Adriana Lima and Caroline Ribeiro emote in their native language. (Take a peek at rarely seen Cyril Brule, owner of Viva and Marilyn Gauthier, owner of Marilyn’s and photographer Peter Beard).

If you don’t know JD Ferguson‘s background, read about the model/photographer/general man about town and his fun times with Karl Lagerfeld and the top models.

Sans Artifice is a fan of photographer Norman Jean Roy,  he “brings out the Vogue ethos“.

New Dutch model agency to watch! Modelution is featured on the Ones2Watch.
Continuing in the same vein as Sarah Ziff in Picture Me, Frockwriter explores the dark side of the industry.
Gisele AND Jesus on the same runway…. The Brazilians are buzzing about the Colcci show.

If you’re in Chicago, Wednesday June 24th, go meet Elite Chicago’s scouts (click on the link for age and height requirements).

Home of Johanna Knepper (hot new face of Givenchy show this past spring), Just WM Paris has a  new blog! 

Terry shooting the 11 beauties;  Eniko Mihalik, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Catherine McNeil, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Daisy Lowe, Gracie Carvalho, Marloes Horst, Lily Cole, Ana Beatriz Barros, Miranda Kerr, Georgina Stojiljkovic.

  1. ana baetriz e gracie são as mais lindas de todas e ta faltando mais brasileiras hein!

  2. cora i completely agree!!!! she looks kind of biggish? compared to the others that is. miranda looks to skinny and small i think. or is it just me?

  3. im so looking forward to this. marloes looks spectacular, no wonder she booked the job!

    absolutely true sara, horst and gracie really stand out in the crowd posing together.

    lily, maybe that is just od pose? eniko has that 70′ movie actress look so she looks completely natural on the images.

  4. In this group shot Lily looks like a woman from painting of the Renaissance……..she has some ancient-holy-goddess vibe…she is just so different from the other 11 sexy girls…

  5. OMG! I dont understand portuguese, but that blog is so nice.
    And so pretty pics there!
    Izabel is cute!

  6. speaking of Brazilian Models…..I saw this video of “Underrated” Isabelli Fontana. I thought and it dawn to me that what she’s saying here is all true…..please watch…

    I think little does Isabelli know that in the future she will become an ICON…. Come to think of it, Like the great Linda Evangelista, Isabelli’s career right now is not defined by her being the no.1 supermodel (that’s Gisele, and Cindy in the 90’s)….but Isabelli did a lot of massive important campaigns and images that will solidify her as being a future ICON.

  7. c’mon, the only reason lily looks slighty bigger in the pic is because her shoulders are hunched. cover the shoulders and she’s as skinny as the rest of them

  8. i’m a huge fan of pirelli and some of terry’s work, and i love to see so much great breasts in 1 photo, however, in this vanity fair image, the girls look uncomfortable, unnatural and almost demeaning!! it definitely doesn’t glorify their beauty, quite the opposite, seeing them line up like this makes them look cheap and not very special!

    can’t wait to see the pirelli calendar though…!!!!!

  9. I love Terry R. but Pirelli calendar in the jungle and on the beach, again? it gets boring…

    but looking froward to see georgina and abbey :)))

  10. Marloes Horst is the most stunning girl on the cover. The body is proportioned, the face–otherworldly to say the least–the girl is incredible. Good on her for doing so well.

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