1. This might sound crazy to everyone else but Numero has the best stylist,styling of any magazine in FASHION i’m not joking..French Vogue is great,American Vogue has a great styling time to time and Vogue Italia is always Amazing but French Numero..beyond and above other magazines. Also Tori, makes the clothing even better she’s amazing nice to see her back in the game.

  2. @Lily- very randon indeed. I will never understand why girls take breaks when they are at the top. There is such a short window of oppurtunity!! When she returned, new girls had already taken her spot. Oh well, she is still pretty successful in the commercial fashion arena. I’m just sayin’ that if I had the Donna Karan & Fendi campaigns, my a$$ wouldn’t going anywhere!! lol

    Oh, and great ed πŸ™‚

  3. sexy voodoo…wow, Toni is amazing, so super hot..and its her life so she can do what she want when she wants, and for a total stranger to be whining about how Toni didn’t make it is really funny and proves that she has and did make “IT”

  4. Amazing editorial!! Great hair&make up, styling and of course a magnificent Toni here!

    ( p.s.: Lily & Josh are right…)

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