The Warrior Within

Alexei Hay takes things into the wild for 10 Men. The spring/summer issue features Danny Schwarz, Thomas Hoefnagels, Blake Kuchta & Robert Rae sporting gear that bridges the gap between western and tribal. The handsome quartet – handpicked by Daniel Peddle Casting – looks incredible thanks in part to David Vandewal‘s distinctive styling. Each boy brings something different to the table in terms of appeal but together it makes for an enticing editorial.


  1. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe i’ve become so disenchanted with the machine that is fashion, and its cyclical process of trends and references. To me, and this is strictly my opinion and I don’t say these things to be inflammatory, but this styling that is being praised is such a blatant rip off of Ray Petri and the Buffalo styling ethos, as well as Judy Blame of I-D magazine without any added originality of even the flair and excitement or shock value of Ray and Judy.

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