1. Im waiting for the day when people will finally realize that Terry Richardson´s body of work is actually the portfolio of a 20-something-would-be-fashion-designer amateur. The responsiveness to his work by the fashion crowd is

  2. The head shots kinda remind me of that beauty ed in vogue paris with Tao Okamoto. The angle of the head, the hairstyle, even the damn lipstick. Come to think of it I think terry did that too. Im just going to enjoy the fact that vogue nippon, which is eurocentric to the point of being ridiculous, used an asian model. I wish they would use lesser known japanese models and jumpstart their careers but thats clearly too much to ask and it would probably suffer the fate of vogue taiwan from its european fanbase

  3. Wow .. Seems Sui & Terry are having a love fest, she’s on the cover of V magazine as well !! 4 covers since September .. that’s amazing

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