Homme Boys

Male models aren’t always given their due when it comes to tearing it up editorially but every so often an editorial pops up to remind us that the boys work just as hard as the girls. Sean O’Pry and Ollie Edwards get space age for L’Officiel Hommes with a story shot by Milan Vukmirovic. Both boys are known for being classically handsome but here they look as edgy as can be thanks to some revealing styling and their athletic posing. Purple Label suits one day and Margiela the next? Versatility is the keyword when talking about either of these guys.

images courtesy of VNY Model Management.

  1. Sean O’Pry is one of the best male models around, I think and he’s one of my favorites—along with Ben Hill and Garrett Neff. Nice editorial.

  2. They are both beautiful, but I must say that looking at that first pic of Ollie gives me butterflies… those lips and his stare!! I love his look, preppy & clean cut on the outside and naughty bad boy on the inside… yum.

  3. sean is beautiful, i think he is better than most female models out there at the moment. he is so versatile and interesting. he could teach most models a thing or two about posing. love him

  4. I’de do Sean O’Pry in a heartbeat. He’s absolutely gorgeous. Not something that comes out of my mouth when it comes to men.

  5. sean sean sean…….. i’m happy he is back. he’s like the tyson ballou (star quality) for this generation well, my generation lol!

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