1. MDC loves spotlighting Raquel’s work and I love it!!! It’s so dynamic and I hope their team up never ends.

  2. Raquel is a super-CAMELEON – not just another super-model…!!! She’s so confident with her body & features – you can see it from her stance, her POSES & facial expressions!!! such a joy to look at!!!


  3. Raquel expressions have a wide variety, i really dont remember any other model that can pull it like her,charming every bit, plus look at that healthy sexy body she have
    , the BEST!.

  4. I love Raquel but really? I often see her making the same long face with her mouth open in almost every ed. She is phenomenal at posing but..Also she is amazing in fashion but I havent seen her playing a beautiful sex bomb in GQ. how is she so versatile? to me she is just a great high fashion model but not that versatile that ppl make her out to be.

  5. I LOVE Raquel! I just don’t get why she hasn’t graced the cover of Vogue Paris, she’s been a freakin’ regular on editorials for the magazine for YEARS!

  6. @shellt- She is the most versatile at conveying different emotions. I don’t think she has to prove herself commercially to be a versatile model. There are so many high hashion brands that certain models don’t have the look for. For example, Saskia is a gret Givenchy girl, but do you think she could ever be a Gucci girl? I think not. Raquel can shoot a campaign for any brand and look amazing. She is so good at playing any character in an editorial. If you look at her body of work, you can see the chameleon

  7. Raquel is great, and looks hot at 30, but these cheezy images are not flattering for any one

  8. @shellt

    I would also like to see her try “lad mag” stuff too. She might surprise us one of these days…

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