Wilderness Retreat

Sølve Sundsbø.
Joan Smalls.
George Cortina.
A singularly beautiful story where styling and nature merge seamlessly. Look at the way the Haider Ackermann suit coordinates exactly with the lush vegetation, or how the texture of Joan’s shimmering Roberto Cavalli is almost identical to that of the bark on the tree she’s against. Flawless little details like this are what make Sundsbø’s work so memorable and this Vogue Japan story so charming.

  1. F&%$ing love Joan. Probably one of her best editorials yet. I love the last two shots. A bit too much retouching on the waterfall shot but can’t say its also one of the best. Last shot is flawless.

  2. Joan is incredible and the actual photographs are stunning…unfortunately the retouching/overdone color treatments steal the show.

  3. The face of Chanel!!!!! That’s industry changing! I dont know if there’s ever been a black model in a Chanel campaign….or t lease not in ages! She’s become a bonafied supermodel! Congratulations Joan!

  4. I am impressed that Janelle knew that Brandi Quinones was shot by Karl Lagerfeld in the 90’s for the Chanel campaign, but I guess that why she works for models.com. I hoped after that Givenchy show she would re-surge back into the spotlight, as she is one my favourite models. Great editorially and a walk similar to Gisele’s, these are the type of women as a fashion designer/illustrator you dream of (I mean literally, sleep and dream an entire collection around women like Iman, Anna Bayle, Naomi, Pat, Khadijah, too many too name). we need more models with personality and the return of more models from the 80’s and 90s, how great was it to see Gail O’Neil in the latest vogue italia !!!

  5. Thanks Janelle. You know your stuff 🙂 It’s amazing that it’s bee more than a decade or even close to 20 years since an ethnic model booked a chanel campaign!! She’s a star!

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