Fetish Fun

Taking the typical sexed up fetish inspired story and making it fun is no small feat, but Paola Kudacki and Kelly Mittendorf pull it off with a cute and colorful story for Vogue Japan. Armed with a whip and riding crop and clad in designs from GivenchyLouis Vuitton, Kelly makes for the most cheerful disciplinarian ever. Aurora Sansone‘s killer styling elevates the story, making even the most  severe jet black pieces look flirty.

  1. YES!
    I love her, so much she has such an interesting face, It’s so cool seeing an American model look so different. I love her.

  2. I want to like Kelly, I really do, but she hasn’t done great work since the Prada campaign. I think she has a a great look, but she doesn’t know how to model AT ALL.

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