1. The cover is fabulous! Welcome “back” Snejana! I don’t think I’ll ever get past the Versace zipper hearts; they’re such a fantaschic idea for embellishment. The editorial is edgy and and daring (the pieces), but still quite simple. Go on girl.


  2. she was… gone? lol. Times have changed, but I think Snejana still deserves more high-profile work. Her weird “zzzzz”-ism as “C” describes is precisely what makes her such a standout to so many of us! Always loved that tragicomic quality of hers. I wouldn’t count Snejana out just yet…

  3. Beautiful girl, but her face looks absolutely the same in every single picture, one emotion, one face, same same same.

  4. UGH, i LOVE snejana. she’s probably my favourite girl of her generation. her face, her eyes, her body, her walk, everything. top to bottom she’s just flawless. and i agree, she definitely deserves all the best jobs. i think she’s perfect for a chanel campaign or only girl for prada. i’ve heard she’s not quite the nicest girl in the bunch, so maybe that’s why she hasn’t worked as much lately. but who knows?

  5. I LOVE Snejana! She does have a little bit of dull look here but she’s GORGEOUS! I hope to see her more this coming season.

  6. i love her, shes always had such an expensive look… runway could use some re-working though..

  7. Snejana, girl amazing cover!very supermodel like. covers like these is why models NOT ACTRESSES should be on American covers

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