The Body Beautiful

Details Magazine‘s November issue focuses on the pursuit of the model body and the new male beauty standards. Given our fitness centric society and a pop-culture obsessed with the physical it seems more and more guys are heading to the gym in search of perfection. This hardbodied ideal is represented perfectly by David Gandy and his sculpted abs: looking the blue-tinged cover by Norman Jean Roy it is hard to find a flaw on David’s physique.

  1. So Details does it again! Great! And I just think David Gandy is amazing. He is one of the few males whose look (and killer bod) will always be needed. Gandy, Noah Mills, and Jon Kortaj are my (new) idea of a male icon. They are without a doubt, standouts as longtime muses for two of the most prolific designers in menswear (Dolce & Gabbana/Tom Ford) Dream careers they have all had through the years, and to be on the cover of Details, which Noah had in March, kinda cements their status as mainstream, and it transcends just fashion (which they all are). Go guys, go!!

  2. Great comment Nik, I also think it is great that Details is really putting male models on the cover and championing them where some other titles seem to have forgotten that male models exist. I can’t remember the last time I saw an editorial in GQ that wasn’t using a young actor or musician instead of a male model.

  3. I can not stand more,i´m sick from see the same always.I want to see on a cover to other models,please.

  4. I am surprised they chose Gandy to represent the perfect male body. There are guys which have better bodies than him. I’ve never thought of that as Gandy’s strength, he is stronger in other areas.

  5. His body aside, he looks so mean! I would be absolutely terrified if I would encounter someone late at night staring at me like that.

  6. @Ali – I think they chose him because of his great look and longevity in the industry. He is, (in my opinion) the only male supermodel and without a doubt he has a long long way to go.

    This cover shows that Details want to become headliners in the male fashion industry, so there couldn’t have been a better choice.

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