1. American Vogue has a thing w/ Caroline Trentini. I wonder why she’s amazing i love her, the amazing styling.

  2. Caroline and Victor Demarchelier’s relationship is past tense and I doubt it has anything to do with the fact that Patrick is shooting her. Last I checked Victor is dating Heloise Guerin, they had a nice feature in VMan.

  3. Sort of reminds me of an American Vogue editorial Arthur Elgort did after the movie ‘The Piano’ came out. Similar romantic, Victorian mood.

  4. Very pretty.
    She’ll go far.
    POLO ! ! !
    Ralph, book her!
    Would love to see more of her bod.
    xoxox Bt

  5. I love this story and so want to buy the white beach parasol she is carrying on page 305, can anybody tell me where its from?
    I love the cut of the actual umbrella, its very feminine.

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