1. Eniko IS so cute. Her round, doll-like face (and cute button nose) is what really made her when she stepped onto the FW08 catwalks. She doesn’t seem that in demand anymore as she was like 2 years ago. They say the only thing constant is change, and that is the mantra of fashion; change.

  2. Very much.
    But on the first photo I would put next to her Dalmatian dog-
    or horses are colored like the Dalmatian, white with black spots. will be more exciting …. could draw a horse, black spots)))

    Eniko looks great!

  3. my comment got deleted because i said she has no neck? really, you need to allow for a range of comments to be shown. mine wasnt even mean or untruthful – simply fact. grow up

  4. Very nice looking plus size model for commercial print- excellent for Sears, JC Penny. Nice photography and styling of the same caliber, great work for Kmart or Wall Mart…now, all they need to do is hang that harness and rope around the photogs neck instead of the horses and drag his ass over to…www.peta.org fur belongs on animals, not models for cheesy spreads!

  5. Rude comments about Eniko’s weight and killing a photographer over the magazine’s choice of using fur. What a classy comment Bruce, you must be an absolutely delightful person.

  6. Jake, The comment wasn’t deleted, it was never approved. I’m not really seeing where “she has no neck” is adding to the discussion, but maybe you didn’t mean it as an insult. We let in lots of comments that aren’t exactly positive, but not every comment is going to see the light of day.

    Bruce see the softer side of Sears.

  7. the images are stunning, but i dont know why Eniko isn’t doing anything in them. yeah, the first picture is perfection, but the second one.. what’s up with that hand touching the tree, like a beginer who doesn’t know what to do with her hands… the last one is so beautiful and effortles, great lines!

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