Wild At Heart

Mariano Vivanco creates a savage look for Dazed and Confused with covergirl Kendra Spears. AJ Abualrub and new face Roy Pratt look dangerous in feathers and jet black. Nicola Formichettis gothic styling adds a touch of the sinister but the whole story feels wonderfully daring.






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  1. This new girl Kendra looks amazing! I wonder if she will ever get a contract with a major cosmetic brand…her eyes are sooo deep and blue and beautiful

  2. ok, i have to say it: She is so sexy and unbelievably beautiful, almost unearthly.
    she is definetly selling the magazine!

  3. look at her eyes! oh my they’re perfect! i agree with gustavo, she should definitely get a contract for cosmetics.
    i bet she could pull off a fresh faced look w/o makeup.

  4. wow… it’s simple yet totally sexy. Can’t wait to see more of Kendra’s work- I hear she has Prada.

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