Fashion Meets Art

Fashion, art and politics converge on the cover of W Magazine. The November art issue features Sui He in an image art directed by Chinese contemporary artist Ai Wei Wei and shot by Max Vadukul. Take a look at NY Times’ fascinating article about how the cover came to be.

From the NY Times

In an unusual collaboration with W magazine, Mr. Ai created a story line for a series of photos that were shot on location in New York by the photographer Max Vadukul as Mr. Ai looked on, art directing via Skype on a laptop computer…

The scenes are reminiscent of photos Mr. Ai took of the Tompkins Square riots in the 1980s, when he lived in New York, which he used as inspiration for the project. They also unavoidably refer to his own confinement, which China’s government has forbidden him from discussing.

  1. I love love LOVE the new W. I don’t get why people dog it. It’s really fantastic. And this looks great.

  2. at first look, I did not like this cover and thought- fashion and art? this is neither! However, after looking more and more, I think this cover is absolutely brilliant with the sequence of the second image following as a film strip, showing both front and rear view of the piece…very creative and definitely art. And an exclusive with Al WeiWei? Very cool…and Madonna..awesome…W is always one of the leaders in fashion in the States and edginess..

  3. Sui He is amazing on the cover.But Ai Weiwei is forbidden in China.I think He may be in trouble.But,Its just a cover.

  4. Congratulations to Sui for being the first Asian model to be on the cover of W Magazine. It has been 2 years since a model has graced the cover. Personally, I am so proud at how brave she is as a Chinese model to participate in such a controversial art collaboration! I am loving the new direction of W! Bravo! I find things more interesting, refreshing and meaningful when fashion, art, photography, politics, and social controversies meet…

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