Compared to some of her peers Anna Selezneva, has been modeling a relatively short period of time but already she has accomplished more than most models do their entire careers. With impressive campaigns, a consistently stellar series of runway bookings and covers of nearly every major Vogue Anna is at the very top of the heap. This month she graces Vogue China looking softer and sweeter than we’re used to seeing her. The corresponding editorial by Camilla Akrans keeps with the softness and light theme shooting Anna looking natural against a beach backdrop.


Anna Selezneva by Camilla Akrans | Scans by kazaf at tFS

  1. That third image is absolutely gorgeous. Her face is so soft and pretty. Great shoot overall, really.

  2. She didn’t get Jago’s May Vogue spot, so I guess that the Anna that matters over there, Wintour, didn’t think so….

    This cover is nice though. Camilla did an amazing job.

  3. good, I was worried her star was fading, and she really is extremely special. although in that close-up, she could be Ania Jagodzińska. love em both, hope to see more of Anna S

  4. I love Anna and I think its a great editorial and an amazing cover.
    Camila used a pefect light ,angles its really a cool job for both of them and te rest of the team that worked with them

  5. and in the picture on the beach she is jumping
    WOW she is really good at this,a great great model

  6. 我希望vc都能这样拍.越来越好..别再白底显得很僵硬..很多人可能会因为封面没有兴趣购买vc..加油吧~!Camilla很棒~!

  7. I really cannot make out these blond girls. All look same, absolutely no individuality as if some queen bee mother in Moscow or Kiev or Minsk is producing a whole army blond clones for modelling.

  8. Beauty photos, but anything is a copy (CHUPAÇÃO) of campain the brand ANIMALE, with Raquel Zimmmermann photograf Jacques Denker.

  9. Anna gave a soul in every pic – She is great in whatever she does “catwalks – Campaigns” -A pure BEAUTY & for long!

  10. They are all different and it is called good genes! So stop complaining! If she was from any other country then you would not say anything and just adore!

  11. I read Vogue China and Anna S is a huge hit in it! There were much more better pictures. The photo shoot was in Hawaii and there was pictures of the whole process. Probably one of the best Vogue China’s ever! It showed another side of Anna S, who is girl with a changing personality

  12. To:G.NataN
    what?are you kidding me?rip off from what??camilla has been shooting fashion pics with this style for a really long time…!

  13. its important that cover.the month vogue china looking so great . 我很自豪我们国家的封面如此有法国韵味.我真的很喜欢.希望每期如此.

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