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While we prefer the brunette rock chick incarnation of Ruby Aldridge, it is nice to see a different side. Miles Aldridge transforms Ruby into one of his sullen housewives for Vogue Italia. Given the amount of times Miles has done a story featuring an aloofly beautiful, yet utterly bored homemaker were starting to think that he’s got a domestic fixation. That said, the pictures are always beautiful, colorful and Cathy Kasterine styling is on point.

  1. I do not want to offend anybody in any way, but this woman looks like a mannequin!

    P. S. The people choose a model getting worse! Neither is there is no statue, nor a pretty face … I agree with Lady Gaga actually “Pocer Face”!

  2. crazy over teh top colors. Looks like a bored ‘Stepford’ housewife – probably would eat or enslave her children if she had any

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