Oyster Extract

Oyster Magazine‘s striking relaunch takes the publication to the next level with a new outlook and increased distribution. With Lindsey Wixson grinning on two collectible covers and a host of fresh content, the mag seems destined for greatness. Will Davidson‘s soulful shots of the teen phenom were shot on location in Tennessee, traveling from Nashville to Memphis with Wixson and her boyfriend, Davidson and stylist Stevie Dance create what might be the world’s most glamourous travel diary. Take a look at the shots in our exclusive preview of all the issue has to offer and be sure to check out Oyster Mag.com for even more.

Lindsey Wixson by Will Davidson, styled by Stevie Dance

Ruby Jean Wilson by Jessie Sarah English

Betty Catroux profile

Bon Iver Holocene by Nabil Elderkin

Kirsty Hume and Africa Mignot by Tierney Gearon

  1. I love Lindsey Wixson since she stared she is MAJOR!

    Rudy Jean Wilson, I’m really starting to love her more and more everyday.
    and Hume is amazing

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