The Blue Room

Emma Summerton is feeling blue, the inventive photographer captures Imogen Morris-Clarke & Abbey Lee Kershaw in dreamy shades of indigo for Vogue Italia. Dressed in contrasting wigs (check out Abbey’s platinum locks) and dramatic headgear  the expressive duo’s combined cool makes Summerton’s moody editorial stand out while Patti Wilson‘s chic styling showcases the eccentric essentials of the season.



  1. The sequin jumpsuit in combination with Abbey’s hair looks stunning. Love the opener, the styling (especially the accessories) are transformative.

  2. Imogen and Abbey are sensational!!!! Imogen is a timeless beauty, i really like how she has been reimaged.

  3. This editorial is SCREAMING hot! It’s been a while since I see something like this… I miss seeing Emma Summerton’s great, I’m sooo glad that she’s back… AND ABBEY looks FANTASTIC in this especially image #3!!!

  4. I’m a bit on the fence about the second picture, it just doesn’t stand out all that much to me. However, in comparison the last picture is absolutely gorgeous. The hair, make up, styling, props.. everything about this shoot is pretty great.

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