Shoe Fetish

Antidote Magazine‘s third issue is devoted entirely to sky high heels and the women who love them. The publication’s six covers capture the sexiness and perilous nature of high heels with glam images shot by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by editor in chief Yann WeberFeaturing several of the most in demand blondes wearing little more than panties and pumps, the covers starring Constance JablonskiAnne Vyalitsyna, Ashley Smith, Magdalena FrackowiakSigrid Agren and a crutch-wielding Hanne Gaby Odiele look phenomenal.

  1. constance, anne and magdalena nail it, sigrids body looks good but there is something strange about her nose, as if its been too photoshopped or something. not a fan of ashleys teeth – im sure people will disagree and find it natural and endearing but the fundamental point is it is not attractive objectively and the cover would be better without this as a distraction. i like hanne’s but the props are a little unnecessary.

  2. Regarding Hanne’s cast, it should be noted that she had actually hurt her leg and needed the cast / crutches for medical reasons so they aren’t props. I think she’s a trooper for doing the shoot in spite of being injured. True professional!

  3. The story with Hanne Gaby is real, this is not props. She get an accident just before the shooting and we shoot her like she was, you will soon discover the story. Best

  4. oh i didnt realise she had actually injured herself! i take back my comment about the ‘props’ being unnecessary then, clearly they were incredibly necessary. kudos to her for continuing with the shoot regardless, im sure it could have been too easy for her to make it work.

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