Modern Romance

Patrick Demarchelier and Karl Templer tackle the avant garde spirit of couture in Interview with an elegant story featuring Ehren Dorsey and Bryant McCuddin as young lovers. With her unique look adding a layer of edginess to the season’s most regal designer pieces, Ehren is the perfect choice for Demarchelier’s sumptuous story. Echoing the “effortless polish of the new breed of young European aristocracy” the editorial’s tale of a punk princess and a man in uniform falling in love feels fresh.

  1. Ehren is the face of the future. Such a beautiful hybrid of Sybil Buck and Eve Salvail. I can’t wait to see what her future holds.

  2. Ehren was just on US TV a few days ago talking about the life of a model in nyc. Glad to see she’s getting work.

  3. I LOVE EHREN. She is beautiful and spunky. Ehren is an indredible model that portrays young love at it’s finest πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work Ehren! love to see more of you in the future! πŸ™‚

  4. pic n 5 s unforgettable .. but this story as mnay other show who s really on charge today… it s not the vision on a photographer but the one of the stylist that in this specific case s one of the best.. but this story could have been shot by anyone .. this s not Demarchelier work at all

  5. Its a gorgeous story and the styling is spot on. the photos are beautiful, tender and raw. one of my eds of the year. Nice to see a bald white model,hope it starts a trend (its better than the tortures they go through in the shows)brava!

  6. Ehren was on an ABC tv show and she admitted she was finding it hard to make money from modeling. So let’s hope she is getting well-paid for all future gigs!

    Personally speaking, and no offense meant as I accept this is a model site so a certain weight is required to make it, she looks borderline anorexic. Her body image is not one any young girl should aspire to but I accept models have to be thin.

  7. Its a gorgeous story,the photos are amazing beautiful ,and what can i say more ? Patrick Demarchelier is one of my favorites Photographers ever ,since the 80s .. Very good job!

  8. Ehren is a phenomenal model (she is naturally thin, she never diets and is not anorexic) I have seen her eat HUGE and never purge. Even more cool is her poetry. Ask her about it on her twitter account ehrenator πŸ™‚

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