Dream Team

I-D Magazine dares readers to dream big with four fresh covers of their Dreams and Aspirations issue. Featuring fashion favorites like Abbey Lee Kershaw, Fei Fei Sun, Lara Stone and Carine Roitfeld, the covers more than live up to the issue’s ambitious title. For even more be sure to check out i-D Online.

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Richard Bush

Lara Stone by David Bailey

Fei Fei Sun by Daniel Jackson

Carine Roitfeld by Terry Richardson

  1. i love the makeup in abbey and lara’s cover!
    is that lara’s real hair?

    also i noticed that lara’s gap is getting less noticeable in some pictures like here and some of the ck campaigns pics.

  2. All four are stunning. Abbey Lee always blow me away. Fei Fei is super chic. Carine is ageless and effortlessly cool. Lara is a star. But over all, I think I’m the star of the stars of fashion. Hahaha egoist mode again.

  3. I know it was Abbey, BUT it could have been Twiggy, wow this covers are amazing. Liu,is amazing..what else could you say about her, there isn’t any. Lara and Carine are beautiful but there kinda boring compared to Liu and Abbey!

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