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With the internet buzzing with shock we’re sure you’ve heard that the latest Bazaar cover, with its paparazzi snapshot of a certain Jolie, looks like something fit for InTouch Weekly. While we know every magazine makes the occasional tactical error we can’t help but wonder just who passed on the delicious Doutzen Kroes for the July cover? The sultry supermodel is shot by none other than Terry Richardson and she shines in everything from a sequined dress to an unseasonably luxe fur. Subscribers are treated to Kroes’ face on their covers but doesn’t every one deserve a little Doutzen? How does this mini-controversy make you feel?

  1. Doutzen is gorgeous I love her! BUT this editorial is so boring. Nothing interesting, nothing special and nothing new…

  2. Such a shame that they didn’t put Doutzen on the cover! It’s the first time that HB has a dual cover, or maybe they want to compare Angelina to an upcoming supermodel lol

  3. well said mr. pawan …. she is nice beauty but better photographs can be taken ……. look into it………

  4. Doutzen is one of the most Boring faces I’ve seen….I don’t know what it is, but it looks like staring on a blank wall…..Don’t get me wrong, her features are almost perfection but it doesn’t do much for me….

  5. They do not put models on covers because THEY DO NOT SELL AS WELL.

    Sad, but apparently true. Of course it’s an outrage to people in the industry, fashionistas and hair salons the world over but we are in the minority.

    It takes a courageous mag (in the US) to ignore the data and put *relatively* unknown model on a cover – but it is these magazines that will always get my support.

    & Doutzen looks great 🙂

  6. I know it’s a true shame….I have to go all the way to Barnes and Nobles to pay $15 for a French, Italian, or German Vogue just to get a real fashion magazine, with real models….And let me tell you, they are 100% better than American magazines…so it’s worth the price

  7. Honestly, Doutzen has the look of an actress! Anyone who doesn’t know that she’s a model will say that she’s an actress lol

  8. this is so unfair. I’m pretty tired of BAZAAR’s lipstick writings and all that. And then this? I’m not a subscriber of BAZAAR and I want that Kroes cover. It’s beautiful. I wish they put this one on the newsstands. It’s a fresh cover.

  9. speaking of Dootz looking like an actress….

    Doutzen Kroes should be in the next remake of Buffy The Vampire Slayer…..she looks like a barbie but pretty athletic, plus she’s hot to look at!

  10. Yeah, Doutzen looks like a celeb than a model but she is beautiful. The Jolie’s Bazaar cover is so bizza!!!! I won’t buy it. It looks so cheap like those gossip magazines.Shame shame shame!!! I bet Vogue is laughing so load…….

  11. Looking on all the so called supermodels I can say they all look like celebrities. Not the typical fashion model look. That is why they are not not average,but SUPER-…

  12. Doutzen doesn’t really do it for me. She’s gorgeous, no doubt. She just looks a bit too hollywood, done up, Marilyn glamour girl to me. This shoot in particular, I am not a fan of. Much prefer it to the Angelina cover though!

    Who is STUPID MODEL?

  13. i think the cover looks great. american fashion magazines need to start putting models back where they belong.

    however, the shoot is kind of disappointing. if you look closely, she has a lazy eye.

  14. Maybe the ed is boring but thats not to blaim on Doutzen. She looks stunning. Anyway, Doutzen has comercial looks and does look amazing on these jobs like Victoria’s secrets, Loreal. But i think she look stunning and it’s a gorgeous cover!! America should put models on their covers, just like we do in Holland!!

  15. Doutzen looks like the grown up version of the Brad/ Angelina child, Shiloh. She’s flawless.

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