Coat of Arms

As fall approaches us, one thing is always on our mind are coats. Mattias Karlsson gives us a selection of longer coats that not only will keep us warm, but looking as sharp as possible while on the go. Newcomer Andrey Smidl features in this editorial shot in black and white by Andrea Spotorno for 10 Men Magazine that shows us the best way to wear these longer coats this upcoming season.

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  1. hmmm…looks cool, but if you are telling us to get oversized coats and walk around in em..just gotta say, your crazyy.
    i always found tight fitting clothes not only make men look better, but they keep you warmer too.
    other than that, the spread is UH-mazing!

  2. It seems like the trend photographers are going for in october is black and white. The last 6 posts are all in monochrome. anyway, i like the movement in the photos, and the bulkiness of the coats give them a certain streetsmart edge.

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