1. Anais is so pretty, I’m surprised (but happy) she’s made it this far, her look is not what we’ve been seeing lately.

    Love Saskia, even a blank studio shot of this girl would be genius.

  2. Haven’t been very impressed neither by Interview nor Mert and Marcus lately but this is really well done from all points of view. Styling, photography and models quite embody their characters in this story. And I don’t even like the theme of the editorial, and I’m no big fan of any of these models. I just can’t not enjoy seeing (or literally watching) something so well executed.

  3. I don’t see Zuzanna?
    Anyways, this ed I great!
    I love all girls (okay maybe Candice not so much) and the photography.
    Anais <3333

  4. Saskia has such a strong presence and mature femininity, not the kind of model I prefer, but I like her a lot – even if my fav one in this is totally Emily, both in front of a camera and talking about runway. Here she simply looks great.

  5. feels like a new way of fashion photography for me.
    super raw but its not boring or grungey
    i love the characters alot!

  6. saskia has superstar dna.. the face the body the presence n abilty in form of the camera to deliver a feeling.. i saw a backstage video for the versace ad.. it was surreal to se her move…

  7. great clothes, beautiful images, and amazing models…cigarettes as a fashion prop however, are passe

  8. to paris -> I just highlighted the few facts that:

    1. none of the models belong to my favorites.
    2. I haven’t been as much impressed by latest issues of this magazine as I was before.
    3. The photogrpahers aren’t among my favorites too and their recent work wasn’t appealing to me.
    4. The theme doesn’t interest me.


    It looks simply genius and so well done.

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