1. Wow, all three are gorgeous!
    She’s in every magazine.
    Has there ever been a model with so much editorial work so soon in her career?
    She’s also in Vogue Italia September.

  2. kudos Vogue AUS! She is an amazing model so far. Her hair is a little funky and she could have better bone structure but she can emote and capture overall. Lovely Miss Muse! I think I prefer her at an angle shot like the first one, bone structure is 2d4.

  3. im not the biggest fan of arizona but the first photo is so beautiful. im not sure if its me being weird but does she seem to just have a really massive face/head to everybody else? i think thats what i find a little off putting about her most of the time. she really has the potential to become very big in the industry though it seems, from all of the attention she still garners

  4. OK she is very pretty, but I don’t really get all that fuss around her, for me she still has a lot to learn, and I think I have a diferent definition of versatility couse for me her face looks always the same

  5. I love Arizona, she’s a gorgeous and has such a warming feeling in her picture that i love. But -_____- i just feel it was wrong to give her fashions new muse, i so suck of the industry not looking to find new girls just the same old..faces,( Arizona face is amazing, but a saying) and maybe i’m the only person that see’s it but..her expression always seems the same to me..BUT gorgeous cover.
    good work Muse and V Australia.

  6. She has the face that is loved by the camera. She is such a strong editorial model. So much versatility in her.
    Though I agree with Yeoh, she badly NEEDS to learn how to walk! I cringe everytime I see her walk the runways, especially when she closed the Fall 2011 Versace show. I wish her agency can get her a runway trainer to help this lovely lady out.

  7. first cover is fireeeeeee

    and she is giving me BODY tho…

    i wasnt getting her hype at first but i have yet to see a bad picture of her tbh

  8. i like arizona coz she seems not bitchy to me… that’s why i think she’s getting the attention she really deserve right now…

  9. She has to be the most prolific new model since Daria W and Natalia back in 02/03. I imagine she really does work every single day. Impeccable beginnings, hope she continues her EXTRAORDINARY rise.

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