Take a couple of killer corsets, fashion’s premier photographer and an iconic model and what do you get? Vogue Italia‘s September issue! Stella Tennant graces the cover in an extreme look created by Karl Templer and shot by Steven Meisel. Only Stella could pull off the combo of constricting garments, multiple piercings and random planking in an editorial and make it look this good.

Scan Credit | Z Fashion Blog

  1. I don’t like it and i don’t like Stella either, but i guess she’s the one that looks the most like Ethel Granger.

  2. VOGUE ITALIA! is the best magazine today. I love Stella and Steven.. and the planking is genius i love it so MUCH, HAHAHA.

  3. I love Stella, but this pictures are sending the wrong message. Honestly, I’m terrified young girls would see this, this is scary.

  4. Love Vogue Italia, love the work of Steven Meisel, i’ve never been a fan of Stella, but this editorial, is confusing.. very confusing, i wonder , did actually wear those corsets, or the images hasve been photoshoped so much, that they seem they are from Ripley’s archive,,, I don’t know, those corsets steal all the amazing work with the lights and the poses. I did’nt like it.

  5. Truly avant garde.

    Yes the corset is shocking, but this editorial is an homage to Ethel Granger, a woman who took corset wearing to an extreme.

  6. This photoshoot is ART and has nothing to do with anorexia.People should stop acting like Vogue Italia is trying to promote unhealthy image.Those images are just stunning and unique.

  7. I love the third and fourth shots and the whole steampunk goth vibe the editorial has. i think it would have made more of an impact back when dita was a fashion darling or when everybody was crazy about spanx. The pseudo-mortified reaction this issue elicts from the general public is radher amusing.

  8. I really dislike this issue. It’s not about photoshop/anorexia/art or whatever message people is trying to get from this editorial. It’s simply the fact that it has nothing to do with fashion, with vogue italia. I honestly don’t know what this is. This looks like a heavy metal band album cover. Not impressed at all…

  9. i saw the ed’s video and i could tell that they photoshoped the corset because of how the video is edited.. anyway, now i can enjoy the ed without feeling bad for Stella

  10. And if you don’t practice tight lacing for a loooong time you will never get such an tiny waist- you can pull how had you want, you won’t succeed

  11. SO STUNNING!!! Now that Vogue Paris has lost all the OMPH… let’s hope that Vogue Italia will continue to SHINE with its DARK light… ^____^ love the images… it really brings you to a different place and time!

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