Michael’s Mystique

Michael Kors has a thing for elegant Estonians: for years Carmen Kass reigned supreme as the glamorous face of the megabrand, only to pass the torch to the equally alluring Karmen Pedaru. In Interview‘s September issue Mikael Jansson and Karl Templer showcase the brand’s fall looks in the sexiest possible way, with glimpses of skin and a sleek shift in perspective. The upward angle used in Jansson’s images makes Karmen look like a goddess and the monochromatic looks created by Templer make Kors’sportswear look refreshing.

  1. Imma be honest. while the photography is top notch, it just looks like fancy crotch shots to me. michael kors doesnt strike me as that sort of brand. i know that theyr going for a more relevant look with karmen, but these images are more versace than kors. the clothes look great though. i do hope that karmen learns to model better. she always looks exquisite in candids but hasnt learnt to translate it to print.

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