24 Hour Party People

The nightlife scene of early 80s New York was a playground for club kids and jet setters alike and this month Steven Meisel recreates the fun for Vogue Italia. With Meghan Collison, Dorothea Barth Jorgensen, Julia Hafstrom, Nimue Smit, Lucas R, Sara Blomqvist, Marcel Castenmiller, Daniel Hicks & Anna de Rijk playing party goers and Karl Templer‘s authentic Reagan-era styling were in for a wonderfully retro ride. Granted, 1980s references have been done to death but there is something appealingly lighthearted about the youthful cast and their vibrant energy that enlivens every shot.



  1. Meisel really likes Nimue and Meghan! I’m so happy for Sara, Dorothea and Anna finally making it in VI. Julia is just a newbie yet she worked with Meisel already..ohhh..so promising! I love these eds ;p

  2. in the first pic of the model giving a kiss on the cheek, I thought that that was a old photo of Jerry Hall @ studio 54, then I thought that it was Jerry photo shopped to look younger.

  3. What a very great pictures, I love them. And I really like Nimue 🙂 she’s doing great!

  4. Julia Hafstrom is AMAZING !!!! I hear she is the new Prada girl –
    Can’t wait to see her in the cover of IV.

  5. that is what i love! great faces, great editorial, great idea= great work!
    julia photographs amazingly.
    dorothea, nimue, anna, meghan, sara… are just erfect for this editorial.

    cringe*: i think it’s sara.

    styling is wild!!!

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