Knock Em’ Out

Dolce & Gabbana’s F/W campaign packs a one-two punch of star power. Jesus Luz, David Gandy, Noah Mills, Adam Senn, Julien Quevenne, Cory Bond & Eva Herzigova join forces in a boxing themed series that takes inspiration from the classic Visconti film, Rocco e i Suoi Fratelli. Steven Klein is at the helm once again which means the campaign is sure to be memorable, slick and full of skin.

Image from WWD.

  1. No one would pay attention to Jesus Luz and his ( so so ) modelling skills if he wasn’t Madonna’s toy boy, let’s be honest.

  2. Jesus is not even worth mentioning, but it’s interesting to see Cory Bond and David Gandy in the same shot, as they look really similar.

  3. Strangely,if you cover the right hand side of the picture with one of your hand the composition will improve markedly.

  4. Love David Gandy!!! Jesus is at the front because Dolce&Gabbana are Madonna’s good friend. He looks good, too.

  5. Jesus look terrible :S

    In my opinion Julien looks the best (this shot)

    I cant wait to see the whole camp 🙂

  6. Who the hell gave jesus a mid-parting let alone put him in this shot, he looks like some wierd sloany/chav hybrid, he thinks he looks cool but he really looks a bit silly, awful advertising, the concept is confused aswell although the rest look pretty professional as usual.

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