Platinum Life

Cuneyt Akeroglu shows another side of supermodel Natalia Vodianova, for Vogue Turkey‘s September issue. Sporting short, bleach blonde locks and ornate designs from Balmain, Natalia is nearly unrecognizable: if it weren’t for those trademark brows we would have sworn these were shots of another girl! What do you think of this extreme makeover – are you loving it, or do you prefer Natalia’s original color?

  1. I get so bored to see her all the time looking the same, This is one of the best natalia’s look ever, love her blonde and loving the pictures. its so American Vogue ,really like it

  2. Ой Наталья выглядит гораздо лучше, с ее темным светлые волосы
    awww natalia look so much better with dark blonde hair 🙁

  3. I dunno . When she had her natural hair colour she had this effortless, natural beauty going on . That’s lost with this hair now .Shes traded effortless for glamourous with one dye job in my book .

  4. been a while since i can think of someone who’s identified by their brows – for so long women seem to have a love/hate relationship with them – like pluck and shave them off and tattoo fake ones in place – which seems a bit extreme to me.

  5. FINALLY Natalia VT cover!!!!
    love her hair, is she back in platium blonde?
    to me, she looks like a ANGEL! so beautiful.

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