1. im not sure many people would consider the third photo particularly ‘vixen’-like or sexy considering her ribs are jutting out and she doesnt have the curvacious body to fill out that particular garment. i am also not a massive fan of this shoot in general, it looks dated. the fourth shot is the only one which is eye-catching. i feel carola has an amazing face and looks wonderful in some shoots, i.e. the vogue beauty spread she did, but in others falls flat on her expressions

  2. I love Carola. She’s so beautiful. But I agree somewhat with Jake and I find these shots awkward…it’s more like her expressions aren’t sexy.

  3. to me this editorial continues sean & seng’s underlying theme of high fashion women as streetwalking prostitutes. often working by the highway. unfortunately, an overworked motif in fashion photography.

    the last collaboration with tamara (with eniko and the beautiful argentinian/russian model whose name i’m forgetting now – tatiana?) had a bite to the mood/pictures that made them powerful as if there was some commentary involved. but then that’s because i saw the whole story – i’m curious to see the rest of this one because right now these few images (while showing how beautiful carola’s face is) are pretty flat.

  4. This is neither sexy or interesting. In fact, I’d say it’s almost cheap – that’s disappointing considering I normally like Sean & Sengs work.

  5. They really like porn. I’m serious, I’ve been to their blog, and they had a still from an Indonesian porno. References all over this editorial. Great spread.

  6. I’m stil not a super fan of the kind of femininity and beauty Carola embodies, but… when I see things like this (she really looks great in these shots), and generally what she’s showing lately, well, “Wow, such a stunner!” is all I can think…

  7. What’s with Models.com and always deleting any remotely negative comments? This is the 3rd time I’ve had something I’ve said deleted. What’s the point in expressing opinions then? What I say isn’t even inappropriate or rude. You guys get this complaint every so often from years of being an advocate of this site – what’s the deal?

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