1. Right now there is no model that can pull off as many stuff as Freja. I do love me some Natasha Poly and Raquel Zimmerman but who is as effortless and beautiful as Freja?

  2. any straight guy in the world would find natasha and raquel good looking( at least decent lookin) but freja ???? ahhahahahahahah pleeeeeease

  3. Great cover!
    Um, who cares what straight guys find attractive in a top model?? And why would Freja give a crap, if she’s a lesbian anyway??

  4. LOL. thats true. who cares about straight guys think of Freja. they don’t even care about fashion.

    She is a very cool model who can be in fashion for long.

  5. Riccardo: there are actually lots of straight guys who are into freja just maybe not you. out of all the models today, freja seems to have the most non-fashion fandom….i’ve heard ands seen it all from straight guys, gay guys, radical anti-model feminist types, moms…

    face it, freja is a rockstar (and can make and break careers)

  6. Freja is an atypical beauty, she more of a meta-beauty if that makes any sense. She isn’t sexy but she is, she isn’t beautiful but she is stunningly beautiful. Her looks just cannot be articulated.

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