Puppy Love

Magdalena Frackowiak goes to the dogs for Walter Pfeiffer and Vogue Paris. The humorous story casts Magdelena as a posh socialite with a disdain for pants (how very Lady Gaga) and a love of dogs. Magdelena traipses through 30 Avenue Montaigne with an air of confidence wearing Dior New Look inspired silhouettes courtesy of Anastasia Barbieri‘s sexy styling. That said, the most appealing accessories in the whole story are all those adorable dogs. Major bonus points to anyone who can name all the breeds featured in this editorial!

  1. I always thought she would have been a top polish girl like Malgosia, Anja or Anna J. So close, yet so far away. Good luck to her, a nice girl.

  2. If anyone had those legs, why wear pants?

    Exceptional photography and it’s nothing so predictable, and the model is absolutely charming and elegant here. Did anyone else notice that Magdalena has such a beautiful mouth? That’s really what my eyes were focused on the most.

  3. I think these shots are amazing. Magdalena is powerful, and smooth. The photographer did an absolutely amazing job. The stylist, no words, in a good way I mean that. I love it.

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