1. i live in brighton! cant believe i wasnt around to see this and was compeltely unaware that it was even going on so close to my house! great ed but im disappointed i didnt get to see it in action!

  2. Bonnie and Clyde…I’m still trying to get over how ugly Natalia looked in that “Guccisima” post…This is the Natalia I love

  3. really refreshing to see this type of editorial from mert & marcus. such beautiful light and colors for them.

    jean shrimpton! bailey!

  4. I normally dislike the M&M aesthetic (you can hardly imagine how ive been suffering lately)but i dont think this sucks as much as they usually do. the 3rd pic is a bit of a problem but all in all im not distracted by the pic so much that i dont see the clothes, which is wat usually happens. im actually in awe of the american vogue team. say what you want about their magazine but the way they reign in photographers to produce quality work always impresses me. terrys best eds are in their edition. anywho, lovely to see natalia, who is proving to be a true supermodel-distinctive and versatile

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