Dark Angels

Favoritism will get you everywhere! Two of Karl Lagerfeld‘s chosen ones join forces for Vogue Nippon, shot by who else – the Kaiser himself.  Baptiste Giabiconi & Anja Rubik look perfect in eerie black and white Chanel couture. Anja displays the collection’s delicate feathered necklines while Baptiste donns a floor-length gown. After his equally androgynous turn wearing Chanel in Vogue Paris we’re starting to notice a running theme in the Karl + Baptiste collaborations… Just goes to show you, true style knows no gender!


  1. Baptiste looks cross-eyed in the first picture hahahaha
    but you know what…he does look good. Not AWESOME, but good!

  2. Baptiste’s look is tame compared to Brad Kroenig at his peak….When he just got introduced to us by KL.

    First time I saw Brad is like I saw Jesus…just immaculate!!!

  3. I agree with the above comment about BK.
    Strong images, beautifully crafted.
    I find Mr Giabiconi a very average kid, and these photos, once more, confirm that.

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